Petrossian history

Petrossian has been bringing the best caviar to the world since 1920. The Petrossian brothers Melkoum and Mouchegh came to Paris and began a legendary love affair between caviar and the City of Light. One hundred years later, their first boutique still thrives on Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg. Petrossian caviar is now enjoyed across the globe and is widely recognized as the world’s finest expression of this enigmatic egg.  

Petrossian family secret since 1920​

Once caviar is washed, it’s given a very light touch of salt, known as the Malossol method. The eggs are then gathered into 2 kilograms tins known as “mother tins” to be matured, a process that can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

Where does Petrossian Caviar come from?​

Petrossian has been leading the effort to support sustainable caviar farms on almost every continent and many of our most sumptuous caviars now come from places as exotic as Israel, Bulgaria, China, Madagascar, Uruguay and America.

How long does Petrossian Caviar keep fresh?

“If the tin’s original seal is still intact and the caviar is kept refrigerated at a constant 38° F (3.3° C), Petrossian caviar will maintain its freshness for 3-4 weeks from its delivery date”

How do you serve Petrossian Caviar?

“Never serve your caviar with silver or steel flatware, as these metals impart an unwanted, metallic taste. Instead, serve with pearl to ensure both ideal flavor and a beautiful presentation”