The Thai Art meets the Arts of The Table.

“Unveiling history through collectible design. Mindful objects for your peacefully present.” This is the motto of our partner SUMPHAT Gallery. The word “Sumphat” means touch. The “touch” comes in different forms; to be experienced by the eyes, the hands, or even the taste of the tongue. Which matches perfectly with our Arts of The Table lifestyle and store. This unique & exclusive TaylorMade handmade caviar set is made respecting the most Thai ancient technics from lacquer to Lai Rot Nam by the best craftsman’s and can be considered as a Royal Manufacture/Craftmanship only for and by The Prestige Store Bangkok. Lai rot nam (in Thai: ลายรดน้ำ) or gilded black lacquer is a technique in the traditional Thai decorative arts consisting of the application of black lacquer with gold inlay to surfaces. It was used in the decoration of wooden furniture, especially cabinets, as well as door and window panels, in palaces and Buddhist temples. The art form developed during the Ayutthaya period, reaching its zenith during the seventeenth to early eighteenth centuries, and continued during the Thonburi and Rattanakosin periods. The technique consists of applying to the wooden panel several coats of black lacquer, a resin from the Burmese lacquer tree known in Thai as rak. The drawing is then traced, and the parts to remain black are painted over with a yellow-gummy mixture known in Thai as namya horadan (น้ำยาหรดาล). The next process is to give a thin coat of lacquer over the surface, and when it is semi-dry, gold leaf is applied over the whole surface. After about twenty hours the work is washed with water to detach the gummy-paint, exposing the lacquer and leaving the remaining gold inlay in the unpainted areas. The application of gold leaf and washing with water give the technique its name, fully lai pit thong rot nam (ลายปิดทองรดน้ำ, “designs of applied gold leaf washed with water”), but often shortened to just lai rot nam (“designs washed with water”). This set is composed of a sharing platter and two smaller “bowlate” (mix of bowl and plate). It is made of wood, lacquer, and gold. The design is inspired by the long ear that represents long life, with golden waves from the sea. As we try to preserve the species of sturgeons, to continue to have caviar on our tables, it goes without saying that we wish a long life to this fish species while using the “Sumphat” touch to enjoy it. Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to the 1st collection of our collaboration between SUMPHAT Gallery & The Prestige Store Bangkok for PETROSSIAN Caviar. ONLY available and Exclusively for The Prestige Store Bangkok at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok Hotel.